I am a retired Professional massage therapist turned Dominatrix. 
I love the kinesthetic feel and magic of bodywork mixed with the exhilarating intrigue of bdsm!
Have you been curious about Kink? Have you fantasized about experimenting with sensation and pain? Wouldn’t it be interesting to allow yourself to surrender and recharge your senses by letting go?
This is where the journey begins! A safe and nonjudgmental environment that is nurturing and accepting of your limits where you are encouraged to bask in the sensual art of domination!
Allow Me to be the tour guide of delicious sensory overload and exotic exploration with an erotic twist!

I went to massage school in 1999 and again in 2001, earning over 1000 hrs in training and several certifications (as well as license) in massage therapy. I stood as the head therapist at the clinic I worked for during my years in college. 

I attended the University of Texas at Dallas and studied bio chem and molecular biology, later changing my degree to Art and Performance

I became a professional Dominatrix in 2001 and in 2009 I opened My own dungeon in Dallas. I have attended several conferences and ongoing education in the erotic Arts. I am a certified BondassageTM trainer and I now mentor many younger providers seeking to improve their skills.

My Hobbies:

I paint (both abstract and impressionism). I write poetry and fiction (currently also working on an autobiographical based fiction). I am a lover of yoga and practice as often as possible. 

I’m an aspiring writer and artist. I have already begun selling My work. I enjoy refining my skills and improving my living environment with as much artist quality that I can infuse into it. I hope to build some cabins in rural areas and invest in real estate in the future. I desire very strongly to self publish several books to share my ideas and imagination with others.


I’m a statuesque 5’8” with an athletic and strong physique. I weigh 160 lbs and can easily deliver pressure and manipulate with force. I am also feminine in My formidable curves and appearance. 




Daria Bondasage

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