Screening and Contact

I screen all new clients. I offer a variety of screening methods.

1.Have you met and played with other professional Dommes or providers? If so please send me references
of two who you have seen recently(preferably within the last year or last 6 months so you’re more likely to be remembered)

Please include their name,website,contact information.

If you do not have any Domme or provider references I will require additional verification. You may
provide either of the following:

1. Employment information (company website and position/title) You may send me a blank email from a work
account to my discreet, unpublished email address.

2. A photo of you with an ID (May also be sent to a discreet email address)

3.Book a public meet and greet date ($200 for one hour,half applicable to session if you book an appointment.

Please contact me at the following email address for more info on my
discreet non public email account.

Daria Bondasage

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