What Is Bondassage

For the novice, bondassage is the perfect sensory deprivation and sensory overload experience all at once. You can sample several things you have never tried all at once!

BondassageTM features bondage, cock and ball torture, a metal anal hook, sensory deprivation, sensory overload, nipple clamps, flogging, tickling, spanking and caning. Electrical play is also incorporated with the different massage strokes. Vibrators and massage tools and toys of every kind keep their receiver guessing at every turn!

Every session is custom tailored to suit your needs. It is designed by the desires and fantasies and limits of the individual. You will always be safe and cherished and nurtured, even when we are pushing the boundaries on pain! This experience will simply blow you away at how deeply it forces you to let go, so come enjoy surrender like you never have before. Be seduced by the sensation of a lifetime!

Bondassage with me

Deep inside the hot steamy sauna of My massage room, you feel the soft furry feeling of the cuffs go on your wrists and ankles. I flash a devious smile at you while placing you into position upon those soft satin sheets. 

Your heart starts to pound as I put the blindfold and headphones on… with your sight and hearing taken away your body tingles with heightened sensitivity. I tie each of your restraints tightly to the table. You shudder with anticipation, what will she do next?? I run my fingers along your spine gently scratching you with erotic intent, your skin blushes, dimpled with excited goosebumps……. mmmmmm this is gonna be fun. 

With no other choice but to surrender you feel yourself helplessly falling deeper and deeper under My spell, drunk on the aroma of My fetish force enveloping you in the silky velvet of this pleasurable pain and sensory adventure. Let Me show you how it hurts soooooo good!


Ready to Experience?

You’ve decided it’s time to come have the experience of a life time. Click below to enter the site. This site contains adult content and images. Please only enter if you are over 21 years of age. Welcome to Daria’s Bondassage!

Daria Bondasage

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